Scheduled Draws In 2020 – A Comprehensive Guide to Pakistan's Lottery Bonds

Prize bonds represent a distinctive form of government bonds, featuring a unique twist wherein select bonds within an issue are randomly chosen for redemption at a value surpassing their face value. These bonds hold significant global importance and are issued by the Ministry of Finance.

Organized by the National Savings of Pakistan, the Qurandazi (draw) of prize bonds, encompassing denominations of 100, 200, 750, 150025000 Premium, and 40000 Premium rupees, takes place four times annually. To keep up-to-date with the draw schedule for the year 2019 to 2024, kindly consult the draw schedule provided below.

The Prize Bond Draws are executed by a committee established by the Central Directorate of National Savings, allowing full public participation. These events include the captivating element of special children operating the draw machine (HODM), supervised by committee members and attended by an enthusiastic public audience.

Prize Bond Draw Schedule through the Hand Operated Drawing Machines

Before the draw begins, the public has the opportunity to inspect the draw machine (HODM), ensuring transparency. Those interested can also attend the prize bond draw ceremony by presenting their original CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card).

Prize bonds can be conveniently obtained and redeemed in any quantity at various locations, including SBP BSC (State Bank of Pakistan Banking Services Corporation Bank) field offices, National Saving Centers, and specified branches of commercial banks.

Here, you'll discover the comprehensive Prize Bond Schedule for the year 2020, thoughtfully provided by the State Bank of Pakistan. The schedule covers denominations, dates, cities, days, and draw numbers. However, please be aware that the dates mentioned may be subject to change due to public holidays. If a public holiday occurs in Pakistan, the Prize Bond Schedule for 2020 will be adjusted accordingly.

Latest Draw List As Below
750 - Date: 15 July, 2024 -> View
200 - Date: 17 June, 2024 -> View
25000 - Date: 10 June, 2024 -> View
40000 - Date: 10 June, 2024 -> View
1500 - Date: 15 May, 2024 -> View
100 - Date: 15 May, 2024 -> View
750 - Date: 15 April, 2024 -> View
200 - Date: 15 March, 2024 -> View
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100 200 750 1500 25000 40000

Bond Draw# & City Draw Date Actions

Rs. 40000

Draw No: 12


10 March 2020


Rs. 40000

Draw No: 13


10 June 2020


Rs. 40000

Draw No: 14


10 September 2020


Rs. 40000

Draw No: 15


10 December 2020

Bond Draw# & City Draw Date Actions

Not A Member.?

Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2020 from January to December

As a helpful resource, we present the Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2020 from January to December, allowing you to anticipate bond prices, draw dates, cities, and status. Notably, draws do not take place on Saturdays and Sundays, honoring public holidays.

Access and download the National Savings of Pakistan's Prize Bond Draws Schedule for 2020, presenting the fortunate draw schedule across all denominations. This annual timetable outlines draw dates, days, and organizing cities, meticulously managed by the National Savings Organization.

Intriguingly, Prize bonds embody a lottery-like character, deviating from conventional interest-bearing securities. These bonds, issued by the Minister of Finance, stand as a symbol of non-interest-based financial instruments.

2020 Prize Bond Draws Full List

For those eager to explore the outcome of the 2020 Prize Bond Draws and delve into the yearly schedule list, this platform is your go-to resource. The Prize Bond schemes in Pakistan offer an avenue for individuals with modest incomes to take a chance and potentially claim a reward.

For swift access to results, the Prize Bond Schedule 2020 by the State Bank of Pakistan serves as an optimal platform. The online list offers a comprehensive overview of draw dates spanning from January to December 2020. Remarkably, these lucky draws are distributed across various cities.

The 2020 Prize Bond Schedule, accessible online, presents a wealth of information, enabling individuals to gain insights into forthcoming draws and access recently announced results. The schedule spans from January to December 2020.

Prize Bond FAQ

Q. What is a Prize Bond?
A: A Prize Bond is a bearer form of investment security offered by National Savings Pakistan, devoid of premiums or profits.

Q. How can I purchase Prize Bonds?
A: Procure Prize Bonds by visiting local banks, National Savings centers, or State Bank offices across Pakistan.

Q. Can I Buy Prize Bonds Online?
A: No, online purchasing of Prize Bonds is not possible. Visit local banks, National Savings centers, or State Bank offices for purchases. Exercise caution regarding online dealers.

Q. What are the available Prize Bond denominations?
A: Prize Bonds in Pakistan are accessible in denominations of Rs. 100, 200, 750, 1500, 25000 Premium, and 40000 Premium.

Q. What is the Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024?
A: Prize Bond Draws are conducted biweekly, usually on the first working day and mid-month. Each denomination's draw is held quarterly.

Q. What is the Prize Claim Validity Period?
A: You have up to six years from the draw date to claim your prize. Simply search on our website if you're a winner.

Q. Is Tax Applicable to Prize Bond Winnings?
A: Tax is applicable to prize winnings. FBR NTN holders (filers) are taxed at 15%, while non-filers face a 30% tax rate.